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Sponsor Information

Winners will be announced on

June 28th, 2020 18:00 JST









What is Japan Hackathon ?

Japan Hackathon is a 52 hour event where designers, developers, project managers, creative and innovative people gather to develop a software for the purpose of solving a problem in their communities. Code, innovate, make connections and have fun.


Online Zoom Meeting

Directions on how to attend the meeting for both participants and guests will be provided soon.


500,000 Yen by Kyoto Prefecture

Start Capital Kyoto Award by JETRO, Kyoto City

100,000 Yen by
Money Forward

Japan Hackathon 2020 Theme

Remote Work




The below agenda is according to JST or GMT+9
16:00-17:00 Opening ceremony 11:00-12:00 Workshop (Business Model Canvas) By Professor William Baber, Kyoto University 13:00: Deadline for first submission
17:00-18:00 Pitching ideas 16:00-17:00 Workshop “How to pitch Business Idea” By Tomoyoshi Koyanagi, Professor at University of Tsukuba . 16:00: Deadline for second submission
18:00- 21:00 Team building 19:00-21:00 Mentors’ time 16:00- 18:00: Pitching ideas
21:00-22:00 Mentors’ time 18:15 Judges’ discussion and announcing winners
The Judges
Koichiro Yoshida
CrowdWorks Inc.
Munehiko Sato
mui Lab Inc.
Chihiro Suematsu
Professor and Chair
Business Leadership Program, Kyoto University GSM
Hiromi Hara
Chief Operating Officer
SAP Labs Japan
Anil Bhaskaran
Vice President
Innovation Office, SAP APJ
The Mentors
Dimtri Akimaru
Founder at TokyoTechStartups
Ken Sano
Business Development Lead at Dropbox
Rena Yu Ning Wang
UX Designer at SAP Japan
Naoto Sakai
IoT/DB Specialist at SAP Japan
Katsutoshi Murakami
Money Forward Kyoto Division Manager, Infrastructure Engineer
Maika Ito
UI Designer at Money Forward, Inc.
Ichiro Hirata
iOS Engineer at Money Forward, Inc.
Yuto Sakura
Golang Engineer at Money Forward, Inc
Xingyu Zhang
Software Engineer at Google
The Supporters
Hila Yamada
Yuka Yoshida
Wakana Fukuda

Kyoto Prefecture Prize Evaluation Criteria

All groups are expected to have an idea that makes remote working easier and more creative using any kinds of technology, web applications, AI, and etc.

  • 1. Is it useful for remote working?

    7 points

  • 2. Importance of the Idea. How significant is the solution to the problem that is solving?

    5 points

  • 3. Business Value. Does the idea bring value to a specific market? Or solve a specific problem in a market? Does it make money? Is the business model clear?

    5 points

  • 4. Realistic Capability. The three days aside, how realistic is the technology to be put into production?

    5 Points

  • 5. Innovation and Creativity. How is the solution different from the other existing technologies? Is there any elements of creativity in prototype created?

    5 points

Startup Capital Kyoto Prize Evaluation Criteria

  • 1.Have the idea solve challenges that Kyoto faces

    5 points

  • 2. Have the intention of working on the idea post the event and establish it in Kyoto.

    5 points

Money Forward Prize Evaluation Criteria

  • 1. Do you promote digitalization?

    7 points

  • 2. Is it convenient for small businesses/ sole proprietorships?

    5 points

  • 3. Is it useful outside of IT industry?

    3 points

  • 4. Is it useful for remote working?

    3 points

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1Can I sleep during the three days?

You can take rest or sleep.

2Do I have to pay for attending the event?

If you have an idea or you want to join a group to work on an idea, you should register as a participant, which is free of charge.

3How can I apply to be a volunteer?

Email us at with the email subject “Hackathon Volunteering”

4I live outside of Japan, can I still apply?

Yes, you can. The event is international and everyone can attend.

5What is the language of the event?

English is the official language of the event.

8Is there translation help for Japanese nationals?

Our team can help with basic needs. While in order to form teams, talking to other participants, presenting, you need to speak English.

9Can I still participate if I don’t have any programming skills? If yes, what are the challenges that I might face?

Yes, you can. And you can join teams that need your specialization, skills or qualifications depending on the team’s idea.

10Can teams prepare beforehand with their idea?

Teams can have an idea or it can be a startup already but it should be at the early stages of development.

11How many team players are in a group? Is it fixed?

A minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 5 members can be in a group.

12Are there prizes for 2nd and 3rd places?

We have three different prizes that are awarded based on different criteria.

13Can I participate individually?

You need to participate as a part of a team of 3-5 members. But you can register individually and find your teammates during the event.

14Is there a specific technology (programming language/API/OS) to be used?

The teams are given the liberty to use any technology as they wish.